Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Lest We Forget

In Canada we call it Remembrance Day, in the US it's Veteran's Day...either way, it's a day to thank our veterans and remember those who died for our freedom.  It is not a holiday here in Canada unless you are a federal employee, which I am not, so I always take it off so I can attend a ceremony somewhere whether it be at the national War Memorial (pictured above) or a small town ceremony put on by the local Legion.  Because I live outside the National Capital now, I went to a ceremony not too far away in Alexandria, Ontario put on by The Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 423.  The day was grey and chilly with snow in the air.  I remember many a Remembrance Day service when I was in the Air Force and it was rarely pleasant weather which made the ceremony that much more poignant.  The problem I had was during the 2 minutes of silence.  There were people standing about 20' behind me chatting as if it were social hour.  I turned to give the teenagers the evil eye and was so surprised to see 2 adults in their 60's.  I was so surprised at their ignorance.  Why did you even come out to the ceremony if you were going to chat during one of the most important parts?  If you wanted social time you should have gone to Tim Horton's instead!  They never did get the hint even after turning and glaring at them several times.  I felt embarrassed that they were so clueless and ignorant at an age where they should know better.  I guess what they say is true...common sense isn't all that common.

As for the soldiers who died for my freedom I say Thank You.  I will always be indebted to you.

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